The business of government includes high level research, strategic partnerships, sophisticated communications and innovative solutions to meet public policy challenges.

The machinery of government no longer grinds at a slow pace. Globalization, technological advances, foreign investment, security threats are all having an impact on the demands on the public sector.

Federal, provincial and municipal governments are operating with less resources and growing demands for better services and fiscal prudence. Outsourcing and project tenders for a range of consulting bring opportunities for assignments that can bring satisfaction from meeting public needs. Assignments such as providing staff, secretariat and research support to legislative committees; speech writing for Senators, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament and provincial Assemblies; Preparation of constituency householders; policy analysis and report writing; assistance with privatization of government-owned agencies, corporations and assets; plus event co-ordination and numerous communications tasks require specific knowledge and skills sets.

The CG Group is proud to have served federal, provincial and municipal governments in Canada and internationally.