Good public relations is not just rhetoric or spin-doctoring. Good PR is the result of well-planned, well-written and well-executed communications.

The challenge goes beyond crafting the "right" message. There is so much noise, clutter and confusion plus so many conflicting stories competing for mind and heart share that you have to get the message heard and repeated. You need the "right" message ambassador. You need the "right" time, place and medium.

Don't wait until you have a problem. Too often corporations and organizations don't pay attention to their various publics until they're in a defensive position. Reputation management is part of top-notch public relations. The RM process revolves around an organizational or brand identity and a strategy to build, maintain and defend reputation. Reputation is at the heart of relationship marketing and can synchronize critical audience expectations with a company's behaviour.

You are judged not just by what you say and do, but what stakeholders and thought leaders feel and think. There are 4-P's to strategic PR - predisposition, pre-emption, propagation and proximity. We tailor-make repeatable messages. We help you tell your story.

We are not "lobbyists" nor do we "lobby."

We are ethical individuals who have a track record of success in government relations, public relations, competitive intelligence and third sector consulting.

We're problem solvers with knowledge, strategy and creativity serving as tools and tactics.

SC at Work

A Canadian energy company came to The CG Group with an approved FIT project to build a wind farm in northern Ontario. They wanted to be sure to fully engage local residents, municipal government and community thought leaders. We developed a strategic communications strategy and program that included a weekly column in the local newspaper that both educated people on all aspects of wind turbine technology and offered transparency in terms of mandatory requirements and commitments related to wind farm construction including issues around noise, setbacks, wildlife, etc. We met every concern head-on with facts. The project received local government approval and resulted in a 50-50 partnership with local First Nation bands. A win-win with wind.

A regulatory college for a leading provincial health care profession approached The CG Group with a pressing need to relaunch a public awareness campaign to alert the public to risk of harm, standards of practice plus complaint and disciplinary programs. The need was time-sensitive. We developed a brand new strategic communications plan for them, new positioning and a series of ads built upon the health care impact related to top chronic diseases. The campaign was executed in leading consumer magazines, billboards, transit shelters, radio and QR-coded to vignettes generating social media buzz and website traffic. Within hours of ads appearing they had kudos from the government and offers for strategic alliances with chronic disease groups to expand the public health message. Compelling messages with impact.