Britain introduced the cornerstone philosophy of the Third Way. Canada hesitantly explores relationships between public and voluntary sectors working on social innovation. We all know shared governance reinforces active citizenship.

The Third Sector is often applauded for its ingenuity in developing and delivering services to meet the needs of communities. Social enterprises or organizations that trade in goods or services linked to a social mission are emerging to tackle the needs government can't and the private sector won't.

The concept of a Third Sector is new and yet to fully take root in Canada. It will. Organizations currently involved in human and social services delivery should organize accordingly.

It will require a restructuring, if not a transformation of the public sector. The not-for-profit, voluntary sector will have to assume new levels of accountability and governance. You'll need a voice, a message and a plan.

A well-established human and social services organization committed to becoming a best in class, nationally recognized enterprise came to The CG Group with its dream and five-year strategic plan.

We mapped out a series of strategic alliances, forged a new senior relationship with the federal and provincial governments, identified local partners and revamped its image, its donor and fundraising program and helped it become a "go-to" Third Sector leader.

Good isn't good enough. Relevance is critical. Data and evidence are essential.

The Third Sector is here to stay as a major public service force.