Critical Mass / CG Group logo In Canada, women represent 52% of the population, but fall far short of parity representation in politics in business, in academia and on it goes.

Can there be equality without parity?

The breakthrough will come when we achieve a critical mass of women.

Women learned that there wasn't a glass ceiling; it's acrylic. You can bounce right off trying to penetrate it so they left the corporate world in droves back in the 1970s to become entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurism isn't a trend; it's a solution.

The same reaction is occurring politically. Despite the calls for equal representation in legislatures across the country fewer not more women are running for political office. They are having far greater impact on political agenda from non-government organizations, advocacy groups and lobby firms. Women will rule, but from the third sector.

Criticalmass Women is an effort to generate more interest and awareness of women, their stories and how they are changing the landscape of our nation by stealth.

Criticalmass Women is a radio show, an e-newsletter and a number of consulting services focused on increasing female participation in business and politics.

Stay tuned. It's coming to you. It's time!!!