Public affairs consulting is part art and part science.

The art comes from strategic and critical thinking with a strong dash of creativity. The science comes from in-depth and personal experience in politics and well-earned skills in the discipline of intelligence gathering.

We are expert communicators, strategists and organizers.

We offer a full range of professional consulting services within a strict code of ethics.


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Competitive Intelligence – SectorLens Analytics

Competitive intelligence is the art of defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors and ideas needed to support executive strategic decisions for an organization. The CG Group has team members well-trained in CI best practices.

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Government Relations – Deployable Intelligence

The CG Group has developed a strategic matrix and process to ensure highest level of deployable intelligence relevant to any corporate or organizational decision-making related to government regulations and policies. Be alert and be agile knowing when to act.

Critical Mass

Third Sector – CMM visual identity -- CriticalMassWomen

One of the greatest forces for positive development and sustainability is that of women. Whether it is the impact of women entrepreneurs or the influence of women entering local, state and national levels of government as political leaders around the globe, women are serving as agents of change and stability. This division of the company is actively engaged in promoting and supporting women in emerging countries to grow businesses and to enter politics.

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Strategic Communications – BeeHive Networks

Crowd sourcing is important for mobilization of stakeholders and is integral to generating innovation and tapping into collective intelligence. It's about creating communities and using social media tools to trigger or enhance engagement. There's buzz when a beehive-like network can be developed through permissionbased communication focused on shared objectives.